Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rule #3- Get Writing!

Grab your laptop, get your plan and start writing. After your moment of relaxation it is finally the time to start writing! Start with chapter 1, and give it a title that best summarizes the chapter with a few words. (Example: If your first chapter is about you realizing your dog is missing, your chapter title should be something like this: Barney: Missing!) If you want to (and many books and authors do this) you may choose to not give the chapters a title and that is totally fine. It saves time and it may be hard to come up with the title. After you choose which option to begin with it's time to write your actual story. Follow the plan, and if you think of something better than what your plan states, revise the plan. Continue with this until you reach the end of the plan. This step can take a couple of weeks, or even months and years depending on the length of the story, but just keep going and write in moderation. If you reach a part that is boring to write, just keep going. Don't rush the story. Think about how it would be like to read: They sat down to dinner and they soon got their food. Then they left. See what I mean? It goes by way too fast, giving no good details and it sort of just sounds stupid. So Rule #3 is start writing, keep to the plan, and don't rush the writing.

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