Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No, no, this isn't another rule

What, you think I would keep on doing rules like this is some boring school? No! I need a break too you know. Let's do something more fun. So here's what we're gonna do. I will post a video soon about how to do each rule, and an example. Sort of like I'm doing the steps with you. If you need help, consult the videos. I will post other types of things too- not just writing, but reading too. Remember, a key point of writing is reading. I'll post my top 5 teen or kids novels that I think you guys out there will like. So, let's all take a break and have some writing and reading fun!

Rule #3- Get Writing!

Grab your laptop, get your plan and start writing. After your moment of relaxation it is finally the time to start writing! Start with chapter 1, and give it a title that best summarizes the chapter with a few words. (Example: If your first chapter is about you realizing your dog is missing, your chapter title should be something like this: Barney: Missing!) If you want to (and many books and authors do this) you may choose to not give the chapters a title and that is totally fine. It saves time and it may be hard to come up with the title. After you choose which option to begin with it's time to write your actual story. Follow the plan, and if you think of something better than what your plan states, revise the plan. Continue with this until you reach the end of the plan. This step can take a couple of weeks, or even months and years depending on the length of the story, but just keep going and write in moderation. If you reach a part that is boring to write, just keep going. Don't rush the story. Think about how it would be like to read: They sat down to dinner and they soon got their food. Then they left. See what I mean? It goes by way too fast, giving no good details and it sort of just sounds stupid. So Rule #3 is start writing, keep to the plan, and don't rush the writing.

Rule #2 and 1/2

You may think- why in the world is there a rule 2 and 1/2?!?! Technically, this is not a rule I'm gonna talk about, it is just some advice in the middle. You've heard the phrase 'every good writer writes from his/her experiences' right? Well that is so true because it sometimes makes up a totally funny story. The Diary of A Wimpy Kid author, Jeff Kinney,  took that advice and look where he's gotten himself. 2 movies, 5 books and merchandise. All from little comics posted on funbrain.com written from his experiences in middle school. He talked about how the things that happened to Greg he took from his childhood (interview from a Parade in the newspaper). I think you guys should do the same things. It will make the story a whole lot better.
This is sort of like Rule #2 and 3/4:
Rule #2 and 3/4 is just like Rule #2 and 1/2: it's advice or a good tip. So this tip is to read alot and write alot, no matter what kind of reading or writing or genre. Many authors in advice to kids say "If you want to become an author when you grow up you should like to read and write alot," or something of that sort. You can get a good feel of how to write from diffferent books from different authors. Sometimes you can even recognize each of their individual style. So if you want to be a good author when you grow up, you should be reading and writing (and liking it) in your childhood.

Rule #2: After the plan

What I like to do after the plan is just take it slow, I mean sort of like take a break. I know making a plan can be long and frustrating and sometimes boring, but just go through with it. You'll feel better after you complete the plan. You may feel like you don't want to do anything after that, because your so fed up with the work and time. So that's exactly what you should do. Take a day or two off, if you want to. Only when you're ready, will you continue to the third step.
Some people think that the second step is the best, just relaxing and doing nothing with your story and sometimes they never want it to end. But once in a while it's good not to take that long on this step. You may forget what you plan to do, regardless of whether you have a plan or not. You may never want to go back to the story, because you have a better story idea to do. So my advice to all you writers is: Don't take that long on this step, and, whatever you do, always go through with the story you planned to write. I mean- you might as well because you already made the plan and everything.
So go have fun. I'll see you later.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Writing Here We come! Rule #1

The first step in making any great story is to make a plan. Write on a peice of notebook paper what you think is going to happen in each chapter. This will help you be organized in your writing and it will make the whole process ALOT easier. Have the plan by your side when you start writing the story. Other than the basic chapter plot line, you can include other things like a description of each main character or maybe even about the settings in the story in your plan. So rule #1 to writing a GREAT story is to make a plan. Trust me, it will help.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey :)

Hi, I'm Hailey. If you like writing, this is the blog for you. I will tell you how to write a story, ask poll questions, and give advice on the whole process from writing to publishing. I will even critique writing if necessary. So grab those pencils, and get writing! There's a whole new world out there, waiting to be discovered.