Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rule #2 and 1/2

You may think- why in the world is there a rule 2 and 1/2?!?! Technically, this is not a rule I'm gonna talk about, it is just some advice in the middle. You've heard the phrase 'every good writer writes from his/her experiences' right? Well that is so true because it sometimes makes up a totally funny story. The Diary of A Wimpy Kid author, Jeff Kinney,  took that advice and look where he's gotten himself. 2 movies, 5 books and merchandise. All from little comics posted on funbrain.com written from his experiences in middle school. He talked about how the things that happened to Greg he took from his childhood (interview from a Parade in the newspaper). I think you guys should do the same things. It will make the story a whole lot better.
This is sort of like Rule #2 and 3/4:
Rule #2 and 3/4 is just like Rule #2 and 1/2: it's advice or a good tip. So this tip is to read alot and write alot, no matter what kind of reading or writing or genre. Many authors in advice to kids say "If you want to become an author when you grow up you should like to read and write alot," or something of that sort. You can get a good feel of how to write from diffferent books from different authors. Sometimes you can even recognize each of their individual style. So if you want to be a good author when you grow up, you should be reading and writing (and liking it) in your childhood.

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